Requirements for buyers of CAIRNCROFT dogs

        We admit it !  We're quite demanding on what we expect from our Cairn  buyers.  Hopefully, by being so strict, we will never, never see one of the Cairns we bred end up in an animal shelter. Rather than selling a puppy or young adult, the process is more akin to adopting a baby.  So many years of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears have gone into our breeding program that we simply cannot allow just anyone to have one of our treasured Cairns.  Therefore, if you consider buying a dog from us, you can expect an extensive interview with the following requirements: 


  • A large, securely fenced back yard with locks on all gates. Absolutely no "invisible fencing" allowed !! Terriers have a high pain threshold built in from centuries of being bred to attack and kill vermin that bit back.  No wimpy little electrical shock will deter them from going after a rabbit or squirrel they spy on the other side of the buried sensor wire.

  • If working adults are gone more than three hours a day, an appropriate "puppy day care" facility must be utilized to provide adequate socialization for the developing puppy.

  • New owners must be willing to commit to learning from me how to properly groom and maintain the weather resistant coat on their Cairn, how to scrape teeth and drain anal glands.

  • We expect new owners to follow our feeding recommendations for the life of the dog.

  • Cairn Terriers possess keen intelligence and energetic bodies that need positive outlets such as agility, earth dog work, etc.  Owners must be willing to invest such time and energy into their dog's training.

  •  Pet quality puppies must be neutered at 6 months of age.

  • Show quality puppies are generally sold on a co-ownership basis. Experienced Cairn exhibitors are exempted from that requirement.