Our Responsibilities:


We take our responsibilities as gatekeepers of the breed very seriously.  We  also value each person who purchases one of our dogs.  Therefore, we pledge to provide them with a healthy dog in mind and body.  To this end we hold as our responsibilities:

  • Genetic testing on all breeding stock for any health problem that has a test available. 

  •  A three year health guarantee on every dog we sell.  If a dog develops a life threatening condition within that time, we will replace the dog free of charge.

  • A commitment to offer dogs of healthy,  sound mind and temperament.

  • Extensive mentoring in grooming, feeding, and training for the life of the dog.

 Therefore, we prefer first time Cairn owners to buy from a breeder as geographically close to them as possible to facilitate this mentoring of breeder to new owner. 

A list of C.T.C.A. member/breeders in your area can be found on the C.T.C.A. website at www.cairnterrier.org